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Nimmersjö Electro Technical Consultant

COVID-19 forces us to pause our major projects in Africa together with Pansanté AB, but we are happy to receive new inquiries and can analyze our customers' plans and send quotes to be able to start as soon as possible.

We have great opportunities to undertake new assignments remotely within our areas of expertise.

We offer products based on our experience in

  • Power system simulations, protection analysis, studies, training and technical seminars. Examples of studies carried out by Nelec: electricity networks in Burkina Faso, pumping station and cement plant in Senegal.
  • Entrepreneurship courses with Focus Business School. 
  • Our participation in international development projects.
  • Our experience in using ARENE, a power system network simulation program developed by Electricité de France (EDF). Based on Sales Agency Agreement with EDF we sell ARENE in Africa and Scandinavia.
  • Sales Agency Agreement for sustainable healthcare products from, PANSANTÉ AB, Sweden.
  • Advanced products for renewable energy and photovoltaic products in collaboration with Sunnytek Solar, Sweden, and Nelec GT en Afrique.

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